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Accessibility Statement

Considerable time and dedication have been devoted to ensuring the accessibility of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel website. Our website adheres to the guidelines outlined in the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, as well as the recommendations of Israeli Standard SI 5568 at level AA (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 5773-2013. Furthermore, we have diligently incorporated the recommendations set forth in the international WCAG 2.0 document to enhance accessibility on our platform.

Our efforts have resulted in several key adjustments to enhance accessibility on our website:

  • The website is fully compatible with popular browsers and platforms, including mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, accommodating various screen sizes and resolutions.

  • We have implemented a semantic structure to facilitate seamless navigation for assistive technologies. Additionally, our website supports standard keyboard operation using arrow keys, +/-, Enter, Esc, Tab, and Ctrl.

  • To cater to individuals with visual impairments, the site incorporates hierarchical headings, alt texts, and labels in forms, ensuring an inclusive browsing experience.

  • The content on our website is crafted in simple and concise language, prioritizing clarity and ease of understanding.

  • If you encounter any challenges while browsing the site, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Our dedicated team will gladly assist you in finding a suitable solution.


We are committed to providing an accessible and user-friendly experience for all visitors to our website.

The accessibility statement is valid as of June 1, 2023

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