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At the moment, membership is exclusively available to Israeli citizens.

You, who believe that every human being deserves to live with dignity.
You, who believe that human rights are for everyone, regardless of religion,

race or gender.
You, who cannot sit idly by in the face of injustice, discrimination and injustice.
Become a member of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and take part in creating a society that preserves human rights, democracy, equality

and social justice.

Attend the General Meeting

Attend the General Meeting

Elect the members of the board

Elect the members of the board

influence the policy of ACRI

Influence the policy of ACRI

Increase public support

Increase public support

Membership at ACRI:

✔Entitles you to participate in the General Meeting and to elect and be elected to ACRI's institutions (board and audit committee), and to influence the policy and decision-making of ACRI;

✔ Assists ACRI financially by paying a fixed membership fee (NIS 120 per year);

✔ Most importantly, it provides vital public support for ACRI's work and strengthens the protection of human rights in Israel.


To become a member you must be over the age of 17, identify with the goals of ACRI and pay an annual membership fee. Please note, membership fees are not tax-deductible.

If you are already an ACRI member, here you can also renew your membership. 


And I agree to the Terms & Conditions

You will be transferred to the payment page shortly

Annual membership fees of NIS 120

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